Some of FRIA’s objectives:

Promoting socio-economic sciences
by creating a unity between theoretic and empirical, and the translation of the theoretical perception on science in to the applicative one, practical and useful to organizations from the socio-economic environment;

Development of researchers awareness of membership, of university graduates and students,
to a social group with high moral values, civic and professional, the members of this group being characterized by their preoccupation to excellence;

Promoting adequate collaboration
in the contemporary organizational life, as a norm of efficiency;

The research and dissemination of results
in applicative purposes, practical and useful to society, combating “ideologization”, the researches strictly theoretical, without an applicative and practical correspondent and learning by reproduction;

The relations’ consolidation with university and scientific research environment
in the country and abroad; promoting good relations with the business environment in the country;

The organization of activities
of scientific research;

Providing specialized assistance and financial support
in order to publish a paper (books, courses, application notebooks, scientific sites to online promotion) and other publications with scientific character of socio-economic nature;

Encouraging researchers, graduates and students
to make specialization studies, financing stages of documentation in the country and abroad and their support to participate to conferences and internal and international congresses.

Collaborative systems

One of the major objectives of FRIA consists in facilitating and building collaborative networks between researchers, university graduates, students and organizations of socio-economic environment and the development of consciousness of membership to researchers, university graduates and students, in a social group with high moral values, civic and professional, members of this group being characterized by concern for excellence.

Bridges between education and the business sector
The needs of society, the challenges facing humanity at a global level cannot be exceeded without finding solutions through partnerships between the commercial sector and the academic one, networks where businesses act as bridges between science and the final consumer.
Science is able to provide solutions for many problems of humanity and companies can turn brilliant ideas into successful commercial products.
Investing in science is reflected in real benefits, economical ones. The supplier of goods or the initiator of innovative business processes, improved performance, will get high profit and will create jobs.

Interorganizational innovation networks (BXB)
Based on recent scientific discoveries analysis and practical impact, FRIA approach lies in educating people according to the importance and the potential of science to shape the world of the present and the future. Investing in science can provide short-term profit or can bring long-term prosperity.
Connecting or completing a difficult path between the emergence of a new idea and the effect of this idea in society can be achieved within collaborative networks with interorganizational innovation.

FRIA Actions

The activity directions of the foundation include the following: