Our journals:

Cross-Cultural Management Journal

ISSN-L: 2286 – 0452

Applied research in Intercultural

The first issue of the ”Cross-Cultural Management Journal” appeared in late 1999, in December, under the supervision of prof. Dumitru Zait, founder of the journal. The Journal is published biannually and uninterruptedly since 1999 until now. The journal hosts articles written by authors coming from academia and the business sector or from the administrative field.

”Cross-Cultural Management Journal” (CMJ) has the following aims:

- to act as a focus for Cross-Cultural Management research;

- to provide a mechanism for the announcement and publication of Cross-Cultural Management research;

- to promote active collaboration amongst researchers from diverse parent disciplines;

- to provide a framework in which postgraduate students can see their work in a international context.

CMJ support the needs for intercultural collaboration of the private sector, the academic and the administrative one. Our mission is to create a platform for collaborative research and practical application of research results in which the entire academic community but also the economic sector, feel welcome. In this context, we encourage the creation of bridges between different spheres of knowledge by creating an intercultural awareness.

With articles on a wide range of topics like intercultural and inter-organizational innovation, elements of management theory, policies & human resources management, entrepreneurship & international business, anthropology, intercultural mixing performance, intercultural knowledge management, intercultural training methodology, the Cross-Cultural Management Journal is captivating to read.

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Management Intercultural

ISSN–L: 1454 – 9980

”Intercultural approaches” - the journal is edited exclusively in Romanian and French

The editing of the journal “Management Intercultural” from 2010 (from number 22) is assumed by the Editorial Department FRIA. Since now, the editorial policy of the journal changes. One of the main action directions of the Department considers the dissemination of the material published internationally so that since 2012 (at number 25) it becomes compulsory for authors to write their articles in English.

By default, the name of the journal is translated into English and has imposed the registration of the title “Cross-Cultural Management Journal” under a new ISSN assigned by the Romanian National Library. In 2012, two publications have a common evolution, the Journal “Management Intercultural” disseminating to Romanian speakers, and “Cross-Cultural Management Journal” to those that speak English, the issue of cultural specificity, the intercultural approach in business and management.

The next year, starting with number 27, “Management Intercultural” and “Cross-Cultural Management Journal” are two completely separate journals with different editorial policy and objectives.

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Sea - Practical Application of Science

ISSN–L: 2360 – 2554

The bridge between theoreticians and practitioners

”SEA - Practical Application of Science” is a periodic supplement of CMJ, being a journal specialized in multidisciplinary domain and diversity.

Our Journal aims to become a prestigious forum for interdisciplinary debate, both at theoretical and practical research addressing relevant issues at national, regional and international level.

One of the main objectives of the new team is to create a unity between theory and empirical and translating theoretical perception of science to the applied, practical and useful part in the organizations and to socio-economic environment.

”SEA - Practical Application of Science” encourages high scientific research which contributes to broadening the horizon of knowledge in Economics, Management, Marketing, Marketing, Commerce and Tourism, Anthropology, Communication studies, Sociology, Psychology, Political science, Linguistics, Education, Human geography, History & Law.

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Network Intelligence Studies

ISSN–L: 2344 – 1712

The Science of Collaborative and Innovative potential

”Network intelligence studies” - is a periodic supplement of CMJ, being a journal specialized in the study of intra and interorganizational networks. The “Network Intelligence Studies” program is dedicated to supporting the needs of collaboration for individuals, commercial organizations, faculties, ONG’s, communities, in order to generate valuable and innovative results for humanity as a whole.

The Mission of the Journal is to create a learning environment in which the entire academic community and economic sector would feel more than welcome.

Within this charge, and in collaboration with existing universities, economic and social actors, the “Network Intelligence Studies” priority is to provide programs and services to foster discussions on issues related to the creation of a collaborative and innovative conscience.

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