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The organization of academic events has as main purpose the development of a platform of debates in the Romanian society, on various themes, from economics to social. The Foundation actions are intended to become the interface between those who produce ideas, those who produce money and those who spend them. The Foundation aims to abolish, with arguments, clichés like "people are to blame", "university science is theoretical," "learning can be made by reproduction" etc.

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between communities, academia and business. These ”bridges” and partnerships will be supported in the future by FRIA’s promoting of the participation of groups of teachers and students in competitions and national scientific programs, where practical activities and research and development with students are particularly important.

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Education and business sectors have to face many common challenges. Some are complex because between these areas there was no close connection. An important objective of the Foundation is to connect these two areas. The Foundation aims to persuade the students, PhD students, researchers and teachers to pass from "the theoreticians’ boat" to that of "entrepreneurs", those who make money from innovation and collaboration.

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to facilitate and mediate the collaboration on multiple levels between education and business, to promote the simple exchange of ideas and collaborative innovation.

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