bxb department(Business x Business)

has been created in order to facilitate and build interorganizational collaborative systems. The investment in leaders' development and bringing to the surface their hidden potential ensures benefits and stimulates creative processes of innovative change. The objectives of the department by facilitating collaborative structures are:

Building networks of collaborative innovation,

ecosystems and communities of practice between the business environment partners and faculties in economics, basic sciences and social sciences. Forming collaborative and innovational communities which include economic organizations, researchers, university graduates and/or students;

The collaboration in research and

with departments, faculties and universities in the fields of information technology and communications, economics, sustainable energy, basic sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry), natural sciences, biotechnology, medical sciences;

Facilitating strategic

conceiving and coordinating multi-annual programs with the participation of companies working in key areas of business, of universities with tradition in the country as well as the initiation of programs with new institutions of higher learning.

SEA Open-Research

We offer you the sweetness of you walking down the virtual globe of scientists from the scope of social and economic sciences, you can communicate, watch news on a particular subject, public and to be indexed in just 3 days, and participate free of charge at the press conferences SEA to disseminate articles published:

You upload on the platform an article (even at the draft stage) which will be published in journals and indexed in 3 days after scientific validation.
Every month, the most discussed articles, which have triggered the interest of 10 members from the platform (for the moment, because we are at the beginning), will be sent to the Scientific board for evaluation. After validation, they will be published and indexed in the databases within 3 days. If you have an article in work or finished, now is the time to promote it on the SEA - Open Research platform.

Participate for free at the following Conference SEA to disseminate your article already published.
Also, the articles may be presented as posters or powerpoint within the following SEA conferences. For more information, please revisit the Next Conference website ( The authors who will want dissemination conferences article in the SEA, will be enrolled in the program and will receive diploma of participation. One of the advantages which the SEA club brings you is the possibility to join freely the following SEA conference. Information about the previous Conferences can be found on the platform

Become a member of a active community
By recording in the SEA - Open Research network by form, you can share your knowledge, you will be able to take contact with researchers from different segments of interest, experts who share their knowledge and information about events and appearances editorials, you can create items, maintain a blog, upload photos and add videos. The only condition is filling in the form for the entry with a valid contact address, to supplement sectiunior and details in 'My informations" and "About You" from SEA NETWORK. Also, Community members SEA will be awarded prizes annually with titles: "The most valuable article published" or "The youngest researcher".

Access to the platform


Join now and start to Share. Empower. Awareness.
Share. Empower. Awareness. is a social network where you will share knowledge, find researchers on various topics that share their knowledge creating articles, uploading photos and adding videos. But best of all is that they share their knowledge answer personalized to your question.

SEA NETWORK este destinată diseminării și dezbaterilor asupra articolelor științifice propuse de autori.
The possibility to sign up with personal data and to transmit your items on the platform of scientific debate “SEA NETWORK” is already available. All items accepted will be published in one of the next journals:

- ”SEA – Practical application of science”
– joural in English with multidisciplinary approach, so we invite you to send articles, researchers in such fields as: Economy, Management, Marketing, Anthropological research, Studies of communication, Sociology, Psychology, Political sciences, Linguistics, Education, Human geography, History and Law;

- ”Cross-Cultural Management Journal”
– joural in English focusing on intercultural issues;

- ”Management Intercultural”
- joural in Romanian & French focusing on intercultural issues;

- ”Network Intelligence Studies”
– joural in English with a specific character in the field of collaborative innovation intra and inter-organizational;

All articles are indexed BDI, in accordance with the list on the web address of each publications.

Prepare some information about you and shall enter into the SEA Community !

Access to the platform