FRIA Events

In the spectrum of analysis and debate events, those focused on scientific dissemination are distinguished by the quality of the guests and especially the ideas arising from the debate. The conferences aim to detach themselves from the classic message, reactive, and provide solutions to anticipate evolutions, identify the elements in the economic calendar that can provide much clearer picture concerning everyday reality and future prospects.

aim to bring together scientists from academia, business leaders and professionals. Within these events exchange information takes place and sharing of creative and innovative ideas, approaches, strategies and research results, the challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in practice are discussed. The positioning strategy of the Romanian Foundation for Business Intelligence to achieve its goals by implementing programs consists in developing a platform for debate in the Romanian society on topics ranging from economics to social.

The FRIA Events have the following aims:
- to act as a bridge between communities, research and business;
- to act as an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of research ideas;
- to promote active collaboration amongst researchers from diverse parent disciplines, professionals and business leaders;
- to provide a framework in which postgraduate students can see their work in a national context;

FRIA events include:
SEA (Share. Empower. Awareness) International Conferences, events dedicated firstly to the academic community. Within this we intend to attract delegates from all over Romania and the European Union. The conference is set in a different location each year;
NORD (Networking, Observing, Rethinking & Disrupting) Events are organized as thematic conferences or workshopes. As we address both academics and practitioners, our main goal is to increase the number of Romanian specialists, increasing public audience on cultural specificity, intercultural approaches in business and management and also in the development of specific research in Romanian universities. The events focus on debates on specific current ideas and controversies in the field of socio-economic life, humanist appraoches or real, applied sciences;
”The HUB” (the seminar of researchers and PhDs) in order to relate the ideas and visions of researchers and PhD students with areas of expertise in various fields from universities in Romania and not only.

Collaborative partnerships

The participation to collaborative systems of companies on topics such as social entrepreneurship, social responsibility, competitive environment, innovation management, change management, public entrepreneurship, human resource development, marketing strategy, consumer behavior, entrepreneurial leadership, determines the increase of company performance. However, involvement in collaborative networks can aim to identify potential applicable solutions through partnership and collaboration.